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О бабочках Владимира Набокова

Аbout Vladimir Nabokov's butterflies

A Guide to Nabokov's Butterflies and Moths 2001 by Dieter E. Zimmer
Гид (справочник) по бабочкам и мотылькам Набокова 2001 Дитера Зиммера

The New York Times, May 11, 2004 - International Herald Tribune

Гид (справочник) по бабочкам и мотылькам Набокова 2001 Дитера Зиммера. Информация о книге и возможности покупки

A Guide to Nabokov's Butterflies and Moths 2001 by Dieter E. ZimmerNote April, 2004: A few more copies have become available in January, 2004. There are a number of addenda and other improvements. I managed to keep the price very near to what it was in 2001, 68 Euro. But as the Euro has gone up, this unfortunately would now be around 85 USD.

Note July, 2001: Announced years ago, the new edition finally went to press. The book has been thoroughly revised, reconfigured and updated and now includes all--real and imaginary--butterflies and moths mentioned in all of Vladimir Nabokov's published writings, prose and poetry, letters, interviews, book reviews and technical papers. In the catalog sections, the Lepidoptera are fully identified, referenced, cross-referenced and annotated, making it possible to trace any one butterfly through Nabokov's writings. There are the common names in six languages, including Russian. There is a special section on the Lepidoptera named by and for Nabokov and another one with capsule biographies of entomologists related to Nabokov's work. There are 21 pages of color figures. There also is an eighty page introduction discussing Nabokov's entomological work and its relation to his fiction, the basics of taxonomy, the species concept and Nabokovs special interest in mimicry. Compared to the preliminary editions of 1996 and 1998, the word count has gone up by 75 per cent.


A Guide to Nabokov's Butterflies and Moths 2001 by Dieter E. Zimmer

438 pages, 147 color figures
format 8 by 10.3 inches
weight 1.3 kg
digitally printed
hardcover (cloth, hand-bound)
ISBN 3-00-007609-3
Available July 2001
Subscription price 2001 44 Euro = 40 US dollars
Regular price 2001 65 Euro*

*This is not a commercial publication. There are no author's royalties and no publisher's share. Nobody is going to make a penny from this book. It is privately published by the author and made available in a limited number of copies. The amount quoted covers at most 75 % of the cost of printing, binding and shipping. Sorry no discount of any kind can be given.
The book can be ordered from the author or through booksellers. A German bookseller specialized in serving university libraries abroad is Otto Harrassowitz in Wiesbaden.
If ordering from the author, payment within Europe by bank transfer to giro account free of charges to the recipient; payment from the U.S. and Canada by personal cheque drawn on an American bank. Normal mode of shipment is Economy Mail (which is not surface mail as one might suppose but air mail too; however, it may take longer than Global Premium Mail). For Global Premium shipment overseas (that is the fastest kind of air mail), a surcharge of 20 US $ will apply (rate valid as of July 1, 2001).
Please do not mail me any cheque before you receive the invoice which will explain to whom it should be made payable. (If made payable to me, I would have to pay bank commissions exceeding the amount of the cheque.)
Orders by e-mail or mail to the author and publisher.
Dieter E. Zimmer, Claudiusstrasse 6, D-10557 Berlin, Germany

Introduction (7)
Why? What For? (9) - Writer and Scientist (11) - Butterflies, Not Symbols (14) - Numbers and Names (16) - What's in a Name (17) - Basic Subdivisions (18) - Clustering Animals into Taxa (20) - The Higher Taxa (24)- Sources of Incertainty (26) - The Code (28) - The Author's Name (32) - Popular Names (34) On Pronunciation (35) - The World Divided (36) - Advice to Translators (36) - The Species Concept (37) - Nabokov and Mimicry (46)
Nabokov on Butterflies (61)
Catalogue Sections (67)
Format - Title Abbreviations (69)
1 Butterflies and Moths Named by and for Nabokov (73)
1.1 Genera, Species and Subspecies Named by Nabokov (73)
1.2.1 Butterflies and Moths Named for Nabokov (82)
1.2.2 Butterflies with "Nabokovian" Names (85)
1.3 Common Names (94)
2 Lepidoptera in Nabokov's Published English Writings (95)
2.1 Butterflies and Moths, in Alphabetical Order (95)
2.2 Butterflies and Moths, by Work and Page (287)
3 Scientists Related to Nabokov's Work and Writings (335)
4 Nabokov's Non-Fictional Writings on Lepidoptera (367)
4.1 Nabokov's Lepidopterological Writings, Summarized (367)
4.2 Uncollected Interviews with Mention of Lepidoptera (372)
Bibliography (376)
Species List (383)
Acknowledgments (393)
Figures (395)

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